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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Successful Blogger

Ever wonder why your blog isn’t so popular? Many of us thinking that major keys to be a successful blogger is a higher page rank, great traffic and social bookmarking sites and directories. These are all true and nobody denies that. However, to be there you need some good personal qualities and here’s are some of the quality you’ll need:

I). Humanity: A successful blogger posts inspiring comments on other blog rather than insulting. He also spends his time to reply comments on his blog even just by saying “thank you” and “sorry” if necessary. Readers are glad and feel convenient to visit their blog regularly.

II) Originality: Maybe it’s quiet hard for you. But to be a successful blogger, he’s giving more time to create his own posts rather than copying other posts/articles. He uses his own word to discuss an old topic to make it fresh again. His mentor will appreciate it and will even help him to improve more and more and more.

III) Credibility: A successful problogger do not posts false article, disgusting topic and blinds items that might destroy personalities. He makes deep researches on each detail before sharing it. His article can easily be approved by huge directories, thus creating great traffic to his blog.

IV) Generosity: A successful problogger unselfishly shares his knowledge without asking favors in return except maybe for a backlink. He engage himself to help others by replying to queries. He also suggesting improvements to others and his name will be passed on without self-promotion.

V) Consistency: A successful problogger is consistent and firm with his ideas. He does not change his mind easily by others suggestions or opinions. His followers will do the same thing and therefore his community will grow consistently.

A successful blogger is a human being, but being a human sometimes is the harder part

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