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Friday, April 11, 2008

Making Money Online - The First Step

Hi everyone,

Today is the starting point of my journey of making money online. I’ve started with joining several advertising program (you can see it right?) and some affiliate program that seems highly recommended by others based on my research… err… Google search actually…

Below are the lists of program that I’ve joined:

  1. Google Adsense – A paid per click advertising program. I got paid when you click on any ads provided by Google. The payments are based on site ranking. So for my site the possible earnings are only by cents since I just build it last week.
  1. Bidvertiser – Same type as Google Adsense. Many sites are using this program but I’ve read some bad story about it but never mind. I’ll just try it first.
  1. Adtoll – Same as above but with more interesting feature such as pricing and so on, and even got my own personal account manager.
  1. ShoppingAds – An advertising program but I cannot say more about this. Their site is very slow loading but it’s recommended by many users.
  1. IB FXcast – A forex affiliate program. Earn commissions when you refer forex traders or refer another affiliate. They are launching a forex competition next month so it’s should be easy work for me to find traders since I’ve been doing forex before.
  1. Moreniche – Affiliate program. You earn commissions prom product selling either by you or affiliates under you. Current top affiliate is earning more than $20k last month… sigh… I wish I was that person.
  1. Dentalplans – Affiliate program introducing / selling dental plans. Highly recommended by other successful affiliate marketers.
  1. ForexAffiliate – Another forex affiliate. Same type as IB FXcast but offering more… money… :p
  1. Dealdotcom – another affiliate program. But I’m not sure how this program will work. I saw many successful blogger participate in this program. Never mind… we’ll see.

That all the program I’ve joined today. I’ll stick to them for at least 6 months and see if these recommended programs really can make money. Well, my target in 6 months is earning at least for $1000. Even though some of these program are only giving cents, but every dollar starts with cents right?

Chinese saying "A long journey starts with the first step” … err… I’m not Chinese ok…

Well that’s all I’ve done today. Do you have any suggestion on which other program should I participate?

What do you think about the entire program I’ joined above?

Your comment and suggestion are much appreciated.

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